The Psychology of Successful Women podcast with Shona Rowan explores the mindset, behaviour and success strategies of high-achieving women.

Shona Rowan is an inspirational speaker, high-performance coach and founder of The Psychology of Successful Women – Career Acceleration Program and podcast. Shona works with women all over the world to accelerate their careers, boost their performance and maximise their success – according to what success truly means to them. She also works with global companies to support, develop and retain their female talent  via practical workshops, inspirational events and high-performance coaching sessions.

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In this episode, Lucy Dasi Sutton speaks to Shona from New York, where she is a Managing Director in Citi Group’s Productivity Team and leads transformation projects across the Citi Franchise.

Lucy talks to us about: 

  • Practical advice and tips on how to have a successful and fulfilling career 
  • Mind-set and practical strategies for dealing with fear and self-doubt 
  • The importance of saying yes to opportunities 
  • Advice on making a big career change – including why and how she moved from London to New York (with her family) for a new role
  • The best career advice she has ever received 

About Lucy 
Lucy began her career with the London Office of Arthur Young in 1987 and on the creation of Ernst & Young in 1990, became a part of the tax team specializing in financial services.

Lucy has now been with Citi for almost 16 years, having joined the Citi Tax EMEA team in London as the Regional Head of Audit & Assurance and Transfer Pricing and she subsequently became the EMEA Head of Tax in 2011. 

In 2013 Lucy made the leap across the atlantic and relocated to Citi Tax in New York, where she became the Global Head of Planning & Execution with responsibility for Citi’s tax affairs across the Regions.