The Psychology of Successful Women podcast with Shona Rowan explores the mindset, behaviour and success strategies of high-achieving women.

Shona Rowan is an inspirational speaker, high-performance coach, and author of the book – The Psychology of Successful Women.  Shona works with global companies to build inclusive high-performing teams, grow leadership and management capability, and to support, develop and retain their female staff via practical workshops, inspirational events and The Career and Success Acceleration Program

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On this month’s episode of The Psychology of Successful Women Podcast - I had a conversation with Maria De Orueta. 

Maria is such a positive and inspirational person and we had a great conversation about: 

  • Her career journey, moving from Chile to Australia, and advice for anyone wanting to work and thrive in a multi-cultural environment 
  • The best career advice she has ever received 
  • Two positive affirmations or guiding principles she lives by 
  • Her passion for celebrating and supporting other women in business  
  • Practical strategies for embracing fear, how to stop worrying what other people think, and so much more…

About Maria De Orueta:

Maria De Orueta
General Manager at SGUA & PIP

Maria joined SGUA in August 2021 and is responsible for managing the operations, human resources, and strategic direction of two large Australian Landlord insurance companies. 

She has been in the insurance industry for the last 18 years where she has held a variety of roles , during her time in insurance she has championed Diversity & Inclusion and Women Empowerment having created and run a D&I committee and forming part of another called “Celebrating Women”, a group who work on helping other women advance their careers by offering workshops around confidence, personal brand, finances etc. 

Maria holds qualifications in insurance and Business Administration and she is currently undertaking a Graduate Certificate in Management with AIM. 

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