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Shona Rowan is an inspirational speaker, high-performance coach and founder of The Psychology of Successful Women – Career Acceleration Program and podcast. Shona works with women all over the world to accelerate their careers, boost their performance and maximise their success – according to what success truly means to them. She also works with global companies to support, develop and retain their female talent  via practical workshops, inspirational events and high-performance coaching sessions.

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On this month’s episode of The Psychology of Successful Women Podcast I had the huge pleasure of speaking with Kylie Newton, GM, Human Resources ATCO Australia. 

We had a great conversation about: 

  • Her career journey leading up to her current role as General Manager of Human Resources ATCO 
  • How she has learned to trust her internal compass when making decisions 
  • Some of her personal tips and advice to help other women boost their success and achieve their goals  
  • Practical advice on dealing with setbacks, building resilience and staying positive  
  • Her passion around diversity, equity and inclusion, some of ATCO’s initiatives and commitment to promote DEI and so much more… 

About Kylie Newton:

Kylie Newton
General Manager, Human Resources

Kylie joined ATCO in April 2011 and is responsible for managing the strategic direction, initiatives and operations of the Human Resources function at ATCO. Having held senior HR roles within a number of industries, Kylie has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of human resource management, organisational development and industrial relations. Kylie holds a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing as well as a Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management.