The Psychology of Successful Women podcast with Shona Rowan explores the mindset, behaviour and success strategies of high-achieving women.

It’s an inspirational show that helps ambitious women maximise their performance from the inside-out and thrive in the world of business. Shona Rowan and her trailblazing guests talk about how they have built a successful career or thriving business, and how they cope with setbacks and challenges. Most importantly, each episode will help you sharpen your mindset, share practical advice and inspire you to take your success to the next level.



Shona Rowan is an inspirational speaker, international high-performance coach and author of the book – The Psychology of Successful Women: The Ultimate Guide to Accelerate Your Career, Boost Your Performance and Thrive

Listen in to Season 3 of the podcast below, read the book here, or for corporate workshop and event enquiries, go to for more information.

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