The Psychology of Successful Women podcast with Shona Rowan explores the mindset, behaviour and success strategies of high-achieving women.

Shona Rowan is an inspirational speaker, high-performance coach and founder of The Psychology of Successful Women – Career Acceleration Program and podcast. Shona works with women all over the world to accelerate their careers, boost their performance and maximise their success – according to what success truly means to them. She also works with global companies to support, develop and retain their female talent  via practical workshops, inspirational events and high-performance coaching sessions.

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In episode 7 of The Psychology of Successful Women Podcast, Shona Rowan and Magistrate Wendy Hughes connect for an open and engaging conversation about:

  • Her career journey and appointment as a Magistrate of the Children’s Court in Western Australia in February 2020
  • Why knowing yourself and being honest with yourself, is key to success and fulfilment
  • Recognising the value of external guidance and support to help take your career to the next level
  • Keeping an open mind, seizing opportunities and the importance of being able to get along with people
  • The best advice she has ever received and so much more….

About Magistrate Wendy Hughes:

Magistrate Hughes completed a Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Laws at the University of Western Australia and was admitted into practice in 2007 after doing her articles with the State DPP. To this day Her Honour is eternally grateful to the DPP for giving her the job, recognising the fact that had she been applying in today’s job market she is unlikely to have got the position. After 4 years at the DPP Her Honour wanted to experience the other side of the bar table and went to work at the Aboriginal Legal Service for 7 years including 2 years as the solicitor in charge of the criminal law unit. Her Honour then went into private practice as a sole practitioner including a short time sitting on the Liquor Commission and as an Arbitrator for Work cover. Her Honour is currently a Magistrate in the Children’s Court. Her Honour has a 7 year old daughter and a rescue greyhound.

About Shona Rowan

Shona Rowan is the founder of The Psychology of Successful Women program, podcast and community that specialises in helping ambitious women boost their success from the inside-out and thrive in the world of business. An international performance and mind-set consultant, inspirational speaker and high-performance coach for over 20 years – Shona is passionate about helping women unlock their unique potential and soar in their chosen field.

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