The Psychology of Successful Women podcast with Shona Rowan explores the mindset, behaviour and success strategies of high-achieving women.

Shona Rowan is an inspirational speaker, high-performance coach and founder of The Psychology of Successful Women – Career Acceleration Program and podcast. Shona works with women all over the world to accelerate their careers, boost their performance and maximise their success – according to what success truly means to them. She also works with global companies to support, develop and retain their female talent  via practical workshops, inspirational events and high-performance coaching sessions.

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In episode 5 of The Psychology of Successful Women Podcast, Helen Burness speaks with Shona Rowan about:

  • Transitioning from corporate to running her own marketing consultancy – Saltmarsh Marketing
  • Her practical tips for success and fulfilment
  • Why embracing your unique story and authenticity are key to accelerating your career
  • Her love of marketing, supporting others and social media
  • …and so much more 

About Helen Burness:

Helen Burness is a legal marketing coach and consultant. After many years at the forefront of change in legal, she set up her own consultancy, Saltmarsh Marketing. She now champions purpose-led, innovative founders and businesses through modern marketing, giving them a powerfully recognisable voice that drives consistency and confidence in the marketplace.

Helen combines her marketing consultancy work with her pro bono passion as CMO of She Breaks The Law, a diverse global community of women leading innovation in the legal industry. The core purpose of the network is to change the narrative around female leadership and to break down silos and facilitate collaboration across the legal ecosystem. It achieves this by bringing women leaders together from across the globe, from different disciplines and backgrounds, all of whom are at the forefront of disruptive legal innovation. If you are a change maker in legal and would like to join the community and become a lawbreaker, head on over to LinkedIn:

Helen just loves being social and you can usually find her on any of these platforms. Drop her a note and say hi!

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Twitter: @hburness

Instagram: helenburnessmarketing

TikTok: @helenloves80s

About Shona Rowan

Shona Rowan is the founder of The Psychology of Successful Women program, podcast and community that specialises in helping ambitious women boost their success from the inside-out and thrive in the world of business. An international performance and mind-set consultant, inspirational speaker and high-performance coach for over 20 years – Shona is passionate about helping women unlock their unique potential and soar in their chosen field.

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